The Proudly African Campaign seeks to ignite exchange and implementation of creative and innovative knowledge, ideas, skills and experience that contribute to the Renaissance of Africa. The Campaign seeks to give all Africans, including those in the Diaspora an opportunity to engage in robust and honest debates around Africa’s opportunities and challenges.

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“Making Integration a Reality”

Petition on the Expedition of the Free Movement of People in Africa

The Act Africa Platform is a grouping of Pan-Africanists who are committed to realizing the urgent implementation of policies relating to regional integration in the continent. Building upon existing and ongoing efforts to promote Pan-Africanism, AAP seeks to pro-actively campaign towards making regional integration a reality. AAP is a people-driven initiative that seeks to forge partnerships with like-minded individuals, associations, and governments from across Africa and around the world.

AAP will begin its work with the ‘free movement of people across Africa” campaign. To this end, AAP is seeking to collect 20 million signatures from across Africa as well as from the pan-African diaspora. We therefore invite you to join and support the campaign and sign this petition in order to accelerate the freedom of movement of peoples of Africa.