The African Solidarity Caravan seeks to deepen the connections between leaders at all levels and conflict transformation, peace-building and solidarity activists throughout Africa, through a series of solidarity events hosted by local networks. The African Solidarity Caravan aims to involve everybody, including Africans across the continent and in the Diaspora and all people around the world committed to the vision of a world of justice and peace in which all the basic needs of people are met and peoples’ rights and dignity are respected. The Caravan also seeks to deepen a culture of Pan-African people-to-people solidarity.

A series of interconnected events will be held across Africa building up to the main event, a Peace and Human Security Festival in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa that will seek to hand over a declaration of solidarity to the African Union through the Chair Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma. Many regional blocs will also be engaged during the build up activities and efforts will be made towards mobilizing support for the Africa Union Agenda 2063 and many other similar efforts.

The interconnected events will also take advantage of key related ACTION Support Center (ASC), regional and international events, including a gathering of the African Insider Mediators Platform, the Africa Week Festival and ASC’s involvement in national, continental and global gatherings of conflict transformation practitioners and peace and solidarity activists.

Activities will take the form of reflective and analytical sessions, information and experience sharing discussions, solidarity vigils, pickets, marches, blitzing, street theater encounters, cultural evenings and celebrations that will include live performances from local artists, poetry, drama, traditional dances, music, great African food, speeches, key note addresses and many other forms of revelry.

The African Solidarity Caravan offers activists across Africa an opportunity to Reflect, Connect, Strategies, Organise, Mobilize, Transform, Consolidate, and Celebrate in a way that contributes to a deepened culture of Pan-African people-to-people solidarity.

The Caravan is also strongly linked to the Proudly African Campaign. The Campaign seeks to ignite exchange and implementation of creative and innovative knowledge, ideas, skills and experience that contribute to the Renaissance of Africa.

Through the Caravan experience, we hope to:

  • Build and strengthen a strong movement for peace and justice by supporting local initiatives for transformation.
  • Learn and empower grassroots activists through the sharing of personal and collective stories of transformation.
  • Share ideas and knowledge with the purpose of learning from each another and strengthening a collective African trans-formative agenda.
  • Contribute to a shared Pan-African culture of people-to-people solidarity.

The African Solidarity Caravan seeks to involve all:

  • Africans, including the African Diaspora and people around the world committed to the vision of a world of justice and peace in which all the basic needs of people are met and peoples’ rights and dignity are respected,
  • Progressive media, journalists, artists, poets, musicians, students, educators, learners, researchers, men and women willing and able to contribute their creative and innovative ideas to the re-awakening of Africa,
  • Emerging and existing solidarity networks that enable a deep-rooted and trans-formative process of learning and sharing across the continent and around the world,
  • African women’s movements, and movements of African feminists in Africa and around the world,
  • Initiatives that recognize the value of learning exchanges, participatory training processes and information and experience sharing as key sources for empowerment and personal growth,
  • Efforts that challenge systems that prevent citizens from accessing human and peoples rights and to work actively and in solidarity with community based rights activists intent on protecting and empowering Africa’s people against internal and external threats,
  • Activities that raise awareness of poverty and inequality as forms of structural violence and that work with marginalised and excluded people to defend and assert the universal right to dignity,
  • Labour, faith, youth and social movements, regional institutions and community based organisations from Africa and across the world,

There are key forms of action expected throughout Africa encouraging solidarity activists to:

  1. Organise a local event that contributes to building and deepening a culture of Pan-African people-to-people solidarity, justice, peace and development.
  2. Send messages of solidarity to any African struggle of their choice and or demands that will form part of the Declaration that will be submitted to the Africa Union (AU) through the Chair Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma. This can be in the form of short videos and statements as well.
  3. Share organic stories of organisation, mobilisation and transformation, including initiatives around peace, solidarity, African Renaissance, human and people’s rights, cultural celebrations etc. This will be posted and shared on websites and social media platforms hosting Caravan information and will form a pool of stories from which solidarity activists can draw lessons and experience.
  4. Writing articles, short stories, graphic, art and cartoon work, poems, short videos that focus on Peace, African Renaissance, Sustainable Development, Pan-Africanism, Pan-African Solidarity and other related topics.
  5. Tweet and post Facebook status updates on Peace, African Renaissance, Sustainable Development, Pan-Africanism, Pan-African Solidarity adding any or all of the following #tags; #AfricaIsRising, #ProudlyAfriCan, #PanAfricansolidarity, #AfricanSolidarityCaravan, #AfricanSolidarity.
  6. Share this information and mobilise their broad networks to participate in this initiative.
  7. Join the main event, a Human festival in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa.

NB: To submit your propose local event, message of solidarity, demands, organic stories, writings, art, videos, and to request more information and translated documents, please contact:

Philani Ndebele
Campaigns Manager, The ACTION Support Centre,, +27 (0) 11 482 2484