The African Solidarity Caravan Update:

Building and Deepening a Culture of Pan-African People-to-People Solidarity


Join the Caravan and Make a Difference


Launched in Johannesburg on the 23rd of May 2014, the African Solidarity Caravan’s momentum continues to grow. A series of events have been lined up through this year in a build up to the Peace and Human Security Festival in Addis Ababa, in early November, this year.


The following activities are lined up for the remaining part of 2014


1. Global Week of Action on Democracy in Swaziland

  • A Global Week of Action Planning Meeting is schedule for early August in Swaziland for preparations for the September Week Long Activities around the call for democracy in Swaziland.


2. Events in Zambia

  • In Zambia the Zambia Social Forum will host a Public Discussion on key contemporary issues, a March for Peace and a Solidarity Soccer event.


3. Events in Kenya

  • In Kenya, the Coalition for Peace in Africa (COPA) will organise a Public Process and a Cultural Festival.


4. Events in Burundi

  • Peace activists coming from different organisations, movements and formations in Burundi will organise a Public Discussion, a March for Peace and Soccer for Peace event.


5. Events in Uganda

  • The Anti Terrorism Coalition of Uganda will organise a clean up exercise, and a March and commemoration session of the 11 July bomb attack.


6. Events in Rwanda

  • The Voice of Community Organisation Rwanda will organise a one day consultative workshop on peacebuilding and conflict transformation.


7. Poems and Short Stories

  • Poems and short stories on the African Renaissance, solidarity, and conflict transformation have been submitted and posted on the Proudly African website and Facebook page.


A Call for Submission of Events, Stories and Poems is still open:

To submit your proposed local event, message of solidarity, demands, organic stories, writings, art, videos, and to request more information, please contact:


Philani Ndebele

Campaigns Manager

The ACTION Support Centre, +27 (0) 11 482 2484

For more information visit:

Facebook: ProudlyAfriCanCampaign

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