Trapped in my skin are my bones
I am a prisoner in my own land
I am not dead
No blade is sharp enough to free me
No scream is loud enough to hear me

The death of my feet has left me numb
Down I sit with nothing to eat
I cry. I cry and no one can really hear me
My falling tears stain the silky material of my bed
No one really cares

My parents are working so hard with no fortune to show
Only scars of pain and sorrow
Sobbing, hoping and wishing
Wishing everything come to an end

I am oppressed by the horrifying past
I am contradicted by confusing present
I am fearful of the uncertain future

Everyday I try to be happy
Joy has deserted me as I slowly lost hope
Hatred for life has increased
Hatred that kidnapped the remaining of my hopes
I am an African slave

PK Logolong